ArturoArturo is our “Jack of All Trades” staff member. He is able to assist you with scheduling appointments, obtain your insurance information, conduct preliminary testing and help you with your frame selection. Should you need your frame adjusted or repaired, he can do that for you as well. When you meet Arturo, you will enjoy his humor and wit, as well as his friendly and courteous disposition. Along with his other talents, Arturo is fluent in Spanish.


Alondra is our part time Optometric Assistant. She is currently attending college full-time. She takes care of the pretesting before you see the doctor. Alondra is fluent in Spanish.


HillaryHillary is always happy to schedule an appointment for you at your earliest convenience. She is also able to retrieve your insurance information prior to your appointment, so you do not have to worry about remembering to bring any paperwork. Hillary is fluent in Spanish.


AlejandraAlejandra is the most recent addition to the Fairway Park Family. She works at the front desk and you might hear her friendly voice when you call into the office. Alejandra is also our newest optician and optometric technician. Alejandra is fluent in Spanish.