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Special Exam Services

Threshold visual fields

Comprehensive mapping of peripheral vision sensitivity to evaluate vision loss.

Contact Lens fitting

This is the process of using the examination and corneal measurements to design or redesign any parameter of a contact lens for the individual eye. It is important for you to get the “custom” lenses that are the healthiest for you. Eye conditions such as astigmatism, high nearsightedness/or farsightedness, or presbyopia can increase the complexity of this process.

Contact Lens Refitting

After the initial fitting of contact lenses, a patient needs to be observed to evaluate vision and corneal health. Change to the contact lens design may be required if vision or ocular health is compromised. Unique ocular conditions may increase the complexity and length of case management for a particular patient. On occasion, refitting an existing contact lens wearer may require case management.

Digital Documentation

Capturing a permanent digital image of an eye condition with a retinal/ external camera for the purpose of documentation and monitoring possible progression of the condition.

Color Vision Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of the type and depth of a color vision defect.